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Published Work

Poetry published by Fred Gerhard under his name or a pseudonym.


"Things I Cannot Change," "Serpent In the Sky," and "If Love Is Not Over," on exhibit in the ekphrastic art gallery show, Jen Okumura - 'Self Awareness and Love: All-Inclusive Works' at the Creative Connections Art Gallery, Ashburnham, MA

"Window," "The Ducks," Flipside," "Dandelions," "Lilacs Still Bloom in Ashburnham," "Jig," "Yellow Daylily," "Clover," "Eft Song," "Stereo Crickets," "Moss," "Abuzz," "Under a Maple Tree," "Waves," and "The Way They Spoke of You" Lilacs Still Bloom in Ashburnham: Songs of Spring, Second Edition, Petronella Press, 2024

Drifting to "Hello," (Khotso Publishing), his first full-length poetry book. It includes most of his published poetry from the 1980s to 2023.

"Winter Love," on exhibit in the art gallery show, Long Dark Winter at the New Dawn Arts Center, Ashburnham, MA


"Darkening Trees," Poetry in the Pines, contest winner, 2023

Going On,” Anti-Heroin Chic, 2023

“A Kinder Solitude,” Friends Journal, 2023

"Window," "The Ducks," Flipside," "Dandelions," "Lilacs Still Bloom in Ashburnham," "Jig," "Yellow Daylily," "Clover," "Eft Song," "Stereo Crickets," "Moss," "Abuzz," "Under a Maple Tree," "Waves," and "The Way They Spoke of You" Lilacs Still Bloom in Ashburnham: Songs of Spring, Local Gems Poetry Press, 2023

"Rippling," "Adrift," and "Earthen Vessels" Art on the Trails: Transformation, Route 7 Press, 2023

“Attic Haunt,” “Mend,” Psythur from Ravens Quoth Press, 2022



The Sea, The Sea,” “Voice Above the Waves,” “What to do with the Body⸺,” Monadnock Underground, 2022

“Open Sway,” “This Time Around,” and “Stasis,” Art on the Trails: Exposure, Route 7 Press, 2022

“Arroyo,” “First Drop,” “Ice Flow” Cascades and Currents anthology from Quabbin Quills, 2022

“Blacklight,” Fiddles and Scribbles, 2022

Ghosted,” “Disassembled,” POETiCA REViEW, 2022

Daring Duo,” Cacti Fur, 2022

“Block,” Snaps of Scintillating Souls, 2022

“Ajar,” “The Paper Door,” Door is A Jar Magazine, 2022



 “189,” Black Moon Magazine, 2021

“The Cartwheel,” “A Day in June,” “Not Loved,” “Seeing,” “You Are Here,” In a Field of Dandelions, Maya McCormick, 2021

“A Train Runs Through,” “Third Lap,” “Trolley Museum,” accepted for Highveld Poetry Review anthology, 2021

Atmosphere,” Pif Magazine, 2021

Autumn Will,” Sylvia Magazine, 2021

“Dandelion Fairy,” “Maple Wings,” “Slow Silver,” “Teine Sith,” “Walk With Me, Will-o-the Wisp,” Into the Glen: Into the Light, Fae Corp Publishing, 2021

“i and you,” “Gray Hullaballoo,” “New Vision,” Otherwise Engaged Literature and Arts Journal, 2021

Prodigal,” “Sundown,” Harpy Hybrid Review, 2021

Seed,” Asylum Magazine, 2021

“The Cart Path,” accepted by Golden Walkman Magazine, 2021

The Way,” Amethyst Review, 2021



“Altered State,” “Returning Home By Pleasant Street,” From the Soil: A Hometown Anthology, Exeter Publishing, 2020

“Help! I Need Somebody,” “The Mushroom Garden,” "Uncoiling," Art on the Trails: Rising Up, Route 7 Press, 2020

Presence,” “Chill November,” “Closest Thing,” “Crossing the Dark Wing," Heavy Feather Review, 2020

I Was a Psychologist,” Global Poemic, 2020

“In Reply,” Litterateur, 2020

“What To Do,” “Rogue,” “Sonnet I,” “Sonnet IV,” Insulatus, 2020



“Corner Seat in an Ashburnham Gallery,” exhibited at Creative Connections gallery, 2019

“Need Not,” Entropy Magazine, 2019

“Sunward,” “Eclipse,” “Telescope,” Until the Stars Burn Out, 2019



If I Say I Am Afraid,” Attachment: New Directions in Psychotherapy and Relational Psychoanalysis, 2018



You Danced the Day of the Dead,” Contemporary Dance, 2017

“Dance,” Wild Musette Journal, 2017



“Kerouac Rain,” “Orbisonia Dawn,” The Chelmsford Poetry Review, 2005



“Angel in the Fall,” “Emptying Clouds,” “Love Has Known It All Along,” “Morning Glory,” “My Heart Ensnared,” Feelings of the Heart, 2004



The String,” Musings, 1985



“Against Gray,” “All You Need Bring,” “Fatigues,” “On The Steps,” “Shadow Fences,” “Sweet To My Bitter,” “Waiting To Rain,” Musings, 1984



“A Farewell to Pinewoods,” “A World Without Numbers,” “Falling Song,” “From Your Pen,” “In Consolation,” “Life-Light,” “New England Dulcimer,” “Not Me,” “On The Surface,” “Piano,” “Ripples in the Water,” Musings, 1983

New Season,” Manuscript, 1983



Dear Harpsichord,” Manuscript, 1981



“Reel of the Inner Mind,” Des Pensées , 1979