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Worcester Magazine interview: "A Poetic Journey, Plus Ducks: A Conversation With Fred Gerhard" by Margaret Smith.



"Arroyo" at the book launch for Cascades and Currents, Quabbin Quills press.

"If I Say I Am Afraid" performed by Kirk Lawrence-Howard on Bespoke Vocals

"Presence," performed by Kirk Lawrence on Bespoke Vocals

"Closest Thing," performed by Kirk Lawrence on Bespoke Vocals

"Prodigal," performed by Kirk Lawrence on Bespoke Vocals

"A Kinder Solitude," performed by Kirk Lawrence on Bespoke Vocals

Things I Cannot Change.mp4

"Things I Cannot Change" at Creative Connections

Serpent in the Sky.mp4

"Serpent in the Sky" at Creative Connections



Fred was one of three poets to win the 2023 Poetry in the Pines contest. The poem, Darkening Trees, is installed on a plaque on the Grassy Pond Trail at the Cathedral in the Pines in Rindge, NH.

Gallery Exhibits

The art exhibit Long Dark Winter  for the month of January 2024 at the New Dawn Arts Center Gallery, Ashburnham, MA showcased broadsides of three poems "Winter Love," "Gray Hullaballoo," and "Going On."

The art exhibit Jen Okumura - "Self Awareness and Love: All-inclusive Works" for the month of February 2024 at the Creative Connections Art Gallery, Ashburnham, MA featuring my ekphrastic poems "If Love Is Not Over," "Serpent In the Sky," and "Things I Cannot Change,"


Interview in Worcester Magazine from April 24, 2024

Interview with Harpy Hybrid Review on writing the poems "Sundown," and "Prodigal." 

Book Review

Review from B. Morrison of Lilacs Still Bloom in Ashburnham: Songs of Spring

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